The Catskill Fly Fishing
Center and Museum

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Directions to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to: preserving America's flyfishing heritage; teaching its future generations of flyfishers; and protecting its flyfishing environment.

We carry out this mission by operating a museum, an education center and... in the near future... an environmental research center.

We collect, care for, interpret, and display angling equipment, art, and artifacts in a way that explains the traditions and techniques of our sport.

We conduct educational programs in river ecology, angling history, streamcraft, including fishing etiquette, fly tying, fly casting, aquatic entomology, and stream improvement.

We will assist and sponsor research projects in stream ecology, conservation issues and fly fishing history.

We seek to increase public awareness of the values of fly fishing, prime among which is respect for the natural environment and the habitats of fly-responsive fishes.

We provide a meeting place for anglers to share their ideas and experiences, improve their skills, and enhance their enjoyment of the sport of fly fishing.

We solicit gifts of financial support, angling literature, equipment, and artifacts consistent with our pursuit of these objectives.

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