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New Exhibit Opens at Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

Flies From New Zealand

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY – MARCH 29, 2005 – For anglers in search of an advantage over New Zealand’s legendary browns and rainbows, a stop at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum this spring is a must. Currently on display through December 31, 2005 is CFFCM’s second in a series of international fly tying exhibits. Flies from New Zealand, featuring the work of 25 of the country’s best tyers. Complimenting the flies are photographs of country’s “gin clear” streams and spring creeks, as well as the lakes found throughout the North and South islands.

“Then I looked quickly back at my fly. It sank just at the edge of the light place on the water. I lost sight of it, but knew where it floated. Suddenly right where I was looking on this glancing sunlit pool came a deep angry swirl. Simultaneously with this came a swift powerful pull, which ripped the line out of my left hand, and then jerked my rod down straight.”

The Anglers El Dorado [1953]
Zane Grey

Zane Grey made a pioneering visit to New Zealand in 1926. Although known for his western novels, his true love was fishing and he spent as many as 300 days a year on the water. The publication of The Anglers El Dorado in 1953 marked one of the earliest introductions to the wonders of New Zealand from a fisherman’s perspective. Commenting on his book, Grey wrote: “The New Zealand coast is destined to become the most famous of all fishing waters. It will bring the best anglers from all over the world.” In the 50 years since Anglers El Dorado was released, New Zealand has lived up to Grey’s prediction. Fishermen come from around the world in search of trophy-size trout and saltwater gamefish.

Flies from New Zealand was coordinated by trustee Jim Krul working in consultation with Alan Fife in New Zealand. The following fly tyers are featured in this exhibit: Peter Carty, Garth Coghill, Gerald Daly, Alan Davies, Alan Fife, Mike Goppert, Dave Grimwood, Granville Holmes, Hugh McDowell, John Morton, David Murray-Orr, Clayton Nicholl, Vic Novis, Pat O’Keefe, Tony Orman, Andy Paulin, Garry & Mary Payne, D. Quillian, Brian Rickard, Alan Rush, John Sanders, Noel Thomas, Mike Waddell, Steve Wagstaff, Franziska Wieland and Bronwyn Wilson.

Photographs of the New Zealand countryside were supplied by SuperStock, an international stock photography agency based in Jacksonville, Florida. And Mike McClelland, of Best of New Zealand Fly Fishing, has lent items from his private collection of first edition fishing books and New Zealand fishing ephemera, as well as generously provided financial assistance toward the exhibit’s installation.

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