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Ray Bergman- Every Fisherman's Fisherman

The private collection from the Ray Bergman family, Buddy and Norma Christian and Mark and Jill Schwarz, will be shared with visitors.  Featured in this exhibit will be personal photos of Ray Bergman, artifacts from his mail order business archives, and never seen before fish tracings from his travels. 

Born in 1891, Ray spent his very early years exploring the small streams of Rockland County.  Due to his love of the outdoors, Ray never finished high school.        In 1914, he opened a sporting goods store in Nyack.  He married Grace in 1917.  Due to a failing economy, the next decade brought bankruptcy to his sporting goods store in 1921.  An honorable man, Bergman went to work at Mills & Sons to earn money to pay off all creditors.   Ray wrote his first articles in 1926 and the life of a writer would begin.  The 1930’s were bright; Ray became the Fishing Editor of Outdoor Life Magazine, he continued as a commercial tyer, and opened a highly successful fly tackle and fly tying materials mail order business. The rest is history.   Ray Bergman was every fisherman’s fisherman and America’s first name in fishing until his death in 1967.

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