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2006 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

The Hall of Fame Committee are proud to announce the 2006 Inductees:  Keith Fulsher,  Harold  Demarest, Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi,  Zane Grey, Charles Orvis, and Mary Orvis Marbury.  Thumbnail profiles and accomplishments will be in the September Castabout.  Please plan on attending this year's installation and dinner to be held on October 21, which will coincide with the Semi Annual Members Meeting of the CFFCM.

We thank all members for their nominations and interest in selecting this group of fine candidates that have made major contributions to the fly fishing world. 

Brass inductee Hall of Fame plaques mounted on exterior of Museum can be dedicated  with sponsor or sponsor organization name on separate plaque below.  Call for more information.


Charles F. Orvis — Pioneer in American Fly Fishing.  To satisfy the demands of sporting gentlemen in 1856, Charles opened C.F. Orvis Company in Manchester, Vermont turning his hobby of rod building and fly making into a business and America's first mail order catalog.   Patenting the first vertical mounted and ventilated fly reel in 1874, Orvis continued to provide unique and technical advancements in the fly fishing market through out his life.  His legacy lives on now, bearing his name, as the most recognized fly tackle dealer in the world.

Mary Orvis Marbury — Daughter of Charles Orvis, is celebrated to this day as a result of her devotion to the fly by compiling and editing Favorite Flies and Their Histories, first published in 1892. This book was the first to standardize fly patterns in America and how to fish them.  Mary is also considered the woman that opened the door into fly fishing to other women. 

Zane Grey — Fly fishing advocate, innovator, and author.  World traveled big game and fly fisherman who introduced generations to the sport through his written experiences of fly fishing adventures and techniques.  Heralded as one of the earliest saltwater fly fishermen, his passions for stream born trout and steelhead  on a fly were unequalled. 

Harold H. Demarest — At 95 years of age, he is recognized as the 'man behind the scenes in the construction of bamboo rods'.  Without Harold, almost every rod, by almost every rod builder, would never have been.  Harold's life work has been to continually avail the finest Tonkin cane for the construction of fishing rods in America.

Keith Fulsher — One of the greatest innovators of fly tying. In the 1960's. Joseph Bates Jr, acknowledged that Keith's Thunder Creek Flies “are as true to life as artificials can be.”  Keith's book, Tying and Fishing the Thunder Creek Series was first published in 1973.  Thirty three years later, it has been revised and published in collaboration with David Klausmeyer.  Working with another great fly tyer, Charlie Krom, Keith and Charles co-authored Hair Wing Atlantic Salmon Flies in 1981, which is considered a classic.  Now at 84, Keith continues to travel, fish, and promote fly tying to the next generation.   

Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi — are to be recognized in tandem.  Together, they bestowed the fly fishing community with five major fly fishing books.  Their first book Hatches, 1975 provided the fly fishers with the most detailed and complete guide to identifying and fishing the may fly hatches of North America.  They are also responsible for the standardization of colors in fly tying, an easy to use Instant Mayfly Identification Guide, and the development of the Compara-fly patterns (from Al's Comparadun creation).    Bob Natasi died in 2004. 


In addition to providing fly fishing education through his Delaware River Club Fly Fishing Resort, Al has been a champion on the continued development and support of healthy rivers and aquatic environment

The 2006 Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Inductees will be installed in a ceremony and reception at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum on October 21, 2006 and is open to everyone. For more details and reservations to the Hall of Fame dinner that evening, call 1-845-439-4810

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