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Holiday Greetings to Flyfishers from Flyfishers
A unique collection of greeting cards from the past featuring the Wulffs, Darbees, and the Angler's Club of New York .

Martin Automatic Reel Collection
The world's largest and most complete Martin Automatic Reel Collection is on display, donated by Ellis Martin.

Unique Cane Rods
Featuring a selection from the Museum archives including: a 9 foot single piece Wes Jordan, 'Cross Special', an 8 foot single piece Leonard, a rare, late 19th century Chubb Rod, some mini rods, and a Uslan 5 strip construction.

The Vises and Vices of the Fly Tyer
A collection of collectible and unique fly tying tools from the past. What ever it took to hold a hook. Some classic vises from famous fly tyer's including Rube Cross' vise that was won in a card game on a rainy saturday afternoon in Walt Dette's garage in the 50's, some over engineered constructions in the Rube Goldberg tradition, the early efforts by GL Herter, and others. Supporting this exhibit is also a smattering of tools designed to make tying easier but sometimes more complex.

Herman Christian Flies
Traditional Catskill flies from the pioneers continue to be highly desired by collectors. Today, although sometimes pricey, flies from Darbees, Dettes, Flick, and Cross are relatively easy to find among collectors. Scarcer flies from Jennings, Hewitt, De Feo, and Atherton are still available if you do a little hunting. But, the rarest of flies are from Theodore Gordon and his two companions , Roy Steenrod and Herman Christian. authentic Gordon flies would be the rarest due to his short life and on the other side, Steenrod as he provided countless flies thoughout his lifetime as a guide, tyer, and a youth conservation corps instructr, leaving Herman Christian in the middle, or the second most valuable. Christian was not a prolific tyer, however, supplemented his income as a tyer. He learned his craft by taking Gordon flies apart in reverse and discovered construction, proportion and techniques. Just recently the CFFCM received a collection of 17 different Christian flies which were mounted for exhibition and several others from Johnny Hampton to use for fund raising. There will be ten mounts each with a unique pair of flies and an image of Christian at his vise, each a one of one. If you are interested in having the opportunity to own the second rarest of Catskill flies, please call the Center for more information.

Flies from New Zealand (Coming Soon)
A comprehensive display of some of the greatest fishing flies by New Zealand's novice and expert fly dressers. this exhibit has been almost a year in the making by Allan Fife, New Zealand member of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. You won't be disappointed from our members and associates from down under.

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