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Japanesse Guests

Monday, November 11, 2007 Jim Krul spent the day on the Housatonic River with Hiroshi Kono, owner of MC Fly Fishing, was joined by Yukihiro Yoshida and Shinichi Tsuchiya who flew in from Japan just for the Arts of the Angler show. Yukihiro is one of Japanís most highly regarded rod makers and Shinichi a master craftsman in exotic wood products, including: nets, reel seat inserts, fly boxes, and fly tying tools. In support of our new exhibit: Flies-Made in Japan, we were honored to receive a custom designed bamboo rod from Yukihiro, a lovely crafted net from Shinichi, and a custom hand made Yamame fly reel from Japanís noted reel maker, Mitsuru Ishii, who could not attend.





Japanesse Guests with Jim Krul



Jim Krul & Guests Fishing on the Housatonic River










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