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Archived Exhibits

FBI- Flies from the British Isles
This is our 3rd International exhibit. The flies in this exhibit have been provided by both professional and amateur tyers from the British Isles. We are continually receiving flies and the exhibit will grow through out the year 2007 and remain on display in it's entirety until December 2008.
Women in Fly Fishing
This exhibit has gained much attention in local and regional newspapers as innovative and informative. Sara Low will continue to add both historical and contemporary pieces as they are discovered.
Legend Rods
Catskill Fly Fishing Member Mike Canazon selected a dozen or so rods from our archives that are the personal rods of our fly fishing legends including Art Flick, George LaBranche, Preston Jennings and one of Ray Bergman's on loan from his family.
Unnaturals - The Synthetic Rods Part I - The Exhibit
You will find much of the 20th Century's synthetic rods within this collection including early metal fly rods, the original Littleton Fiberglass Rods with supporting document, and the evolution of synthetic rods to 1974. Yes, another change in fly rods would once again change the world of fly fishing. Come back and discover the next generation in fly rod history with Unnaturals Part II in April 2008
Roland Harriman: Banker & Fisherman
Flies From New Zealand (Updated on May 15th, 2005)
Famous Grouse Flies Exhibit
New Exhibits (Updated 2/17/2009)

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