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Macro Invertebrates

Pteronarcys californica nymph shucks

Golden Stonefly


Golden Stonefly

Stonefly nymph


Stonefly nymph Stonefly nymph shuck

Stonefly nymph shuck


Isonychia mayfly nymph Anterior legs of Isonychia mayfly nymph (SEM)

Mouth of Isonychia mayfly nymph (SEM)


Rock with Isonychia nymphal shucks Okay, everybody out of the pool!

Shadfly Caddis


Mayfly nymph Green Drake Dun

Nice mixed spinner fall


Mayfly Spinner Blackfly larvae (Simulium sp.)

Blackfly larvae, nature's best filter feeder (SEM)


Scud amphipod (crustacean) Little brown stonefly

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