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Appendix: Genera And Species Of Salmonids And Their Geographic Distributions

There are three genera and twenty three species of salmonids, world wide. Each genera and the species that comprise it are listed along with their geographic distribution prior to stocking programs.

A. Salmon

1. Pacific      
  Common Name Geographic Distribution  
Oncorhyncus tshauytscha Chinook or King Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus kisutch Silver or Coho Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus nerka Sockeye Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus keta Chum Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus gorbuscha Pink Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus masou Cherry Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
2. Atlantic      
  Common Name Geographic Distribution  
Salmo salar Atlantic salmon Atlantic Ocean [Learn More]


B. Charr

North America      
  Common Name Geographic Distribution  
Salvelinus fontinalis Brook trout   [Learn More]
Salvelinus malma Dolly Varden North America [Learn More]
Salvelinus namaycush Lake trout North America [Learn More]
Salvelinus alpinus Arctic charr Paleoarctic [Learn More]
Salvelinus confluentis Bull trout North America [Learn More]
Salvelinus leucomaenis Kundsha charr Asia [Learn More]
Salvelinus anaktuvukensis Angayukaksurak charr Asia [Learn More]


C. Trout

  Common Name Geographic Distribution  
Oncorhyncus mykiss Rainbow trout Pacific Ocean [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus clarki Cutthroat trout North America [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus aguabonita Golden trout North America [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus apache Apache trout United States [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus gilae Gila Trout United States [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus chrysogaster Mexican Trout Mexico [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus sp1 Yaqui Trout Mexico [Learn More]
Oncorhyncus sp2 Rio Mayo Trout Mexico  
Salmo trutta Brown trout Europe, Asia [Learn More]

** Most of the information here is derived from the bookTrout and Salmon of North America by Robert J. Behnke

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